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Museum Programs

Museum Programs are FREE for members and included in the price of admission unless otherwise noted. Spaces are limited for these programs. If you see an event you'd like to attend, please call us at 781-826-3518 to let us know you'll be coming.


15 Minute Fitness

15 Minute Fitness will keep kids moving and shaking with obstacle courses, fitness games, and different exercises.

Art Class

Join us for a story inspired art project. Every class, we will read a story together and then children can create their own artwork inspired by the story using paints, crayons, markers, whatever they choose!

Space is limited so please register in advance. This class is free for members or $60 for 4 classes for non-members.

Art Integration

Join us for a fun painting activity! We'll be using non traditional art utensils to create our masterpieces. Dress appropriately because things may get messy!


Come build with us as we use Lincoln Logs to create new and exciting structures!


Want your littles to meet new friends, have some down time, and use their creative energy? Then Coloring is for you! We will use many different art mediums including coloring books, crayons, and markers.


Dance is for boys and girls of all ages! Come move and groove to fun dance games like freeze dance and learn dance moves and basic dance terminology. 

Space is limited so please register in advance.

Dance with Rosie

Wednesdays at 3pm

Come learn basic folk dancing with Ms. Rosie!  The children will practice learning their left from their right while learning dance steps.


Join us for fun with Playdough!


Come play games with old friends and new! We will practice taking turns as well as learning new games.


Join us for our Science Class! We will be reading a story followed by a fun 15-30 minute table top activity demonstrating a basic science principal. 

Spanish Storytime

2 & 3 year olds Wednesdays at 3:30pm, 4 & 5 year olds Thursdays at 3:30pm

Aprendemos con Miss Rosie!

Come join Miss Rosie as she hosts a story time that introduces some basic Spanish language.. Learn a song or two and create art work that accompanies the short story. This is a great way to approach language acquisition through everyday activities. We may count, learn colors, and identify shapes. Our goal is to reinforce the concepts our littles are already learning!


Tuesdays-Fridays at 10:30am

Come join us for Storytime! We have new stories every day followed by a fun craft activity.

Theatre Workshop

An exciting addition to our programming, Theatre Workshop will help kids write their own story and then act it out using puppets, props, or themselves! 

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