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Field Trips

Calling all schools!  Are you looking for a fun, informative experience beyond the classroom walls?  Preschool through 2nd Grade students will find our museum a fun, interactive way to learn about the history of our country.


Our Play and Learn group, entitled the Three Sisters Garden, is where we will learn about the teamwork of squash, corn, and peas in the Native American's garden. We will also use informational vocabulary such as bartering to talk about how the Native Americans would trade beans for seeds.


We will play and learn through crafts and discussion that help us build up skills that are connected to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, as well as some STEM Frameworks. The students will attend an hour long program in which they will be involved in a group discussion about the Three Sisters Garden and play with one of our three exhibit stations. They will also create crafts that they will bring home.


The SSCM is an American history themed museum that wished to open a facility in Plymouth County.  After years of searching, we have realized our dream of having our own facility with the generosity of our corporate partners. With their support, we strive to continue to meet our mission to “cherish America’s memories through exploration and discovery” by providing hands on, interactive play through our exhibits. We have engaged families in play and inspired them to learn more about their colorful American history.


Let’s play and learn!


$5.00 per student

Educators and chaperones are free


Limit of 60 students.

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